Raise the Goddamn Gas Tax and Build Shit, Please

The downside of having an awesome governor who is clamored for by the rest of the country to run for president is that he might take his eye off the ball in his own state, or have his eye on a completely different ball in a completely different game entirely. He may have promised never to raise taxes, which is awesome and all that but when you need trains to run on time and bridges and roads that don’t break your axles, you might need to raise that gas tax and yeah, it might hurt you with the national Republican party, but you gotta.

Oh I can’t keep this charade up. That waste of goddamn space Damaged Goods Christie will waste another couple of years as the governor of NJ just dicking around while we need to raise the goddamn gas tax and build some shit.

It hasn’t been raised since 1988 and 1990 for crying out loud. I am less inclined to debate people at this point who claim things like low taxes are good for people blah blah blah, and just kick them in the balls.

We’re only hurt by these people and their stupid ideology. Voters ought to wake up any moment now… (still waiting).

The Bernie Sanders Double Standard

The media were besides themselves because Hillary Clinton was going to be unopposed. So now that Bernie Sanders is showing that he’s seriously in this thing to be a left wing gadfly pushing crazy socialist Eisenhower era ideas, they treat him like he’s not there, or shouldn’t be. A plan to pay for free college education by a small financial transaction tax is not worth talking about. But if Carly Fiorina says the Chinese are unimaginative and steal our ideas, that’s a story. Not a really productive policy story, kind of a waste of time to say, or type, but a story nonetheless.

Sanders is showing how skewed the media is on left/right issues of taxation and income.

It’s a given that a 90% tax rate is unthinkably radical, even though we had our greatest years of economic growth with just such a top rate. However, it’s completely acceptable to talk about no estate tax or zero rates of taxation on investment, which is not only radical, it’s unproductive.

Religious Crazy – Orthodox Israeli Papers Erase Women

So when anybody wants to talk about any one religious group as the “craziest” there’s always ammo to hit them with to show the crazy is pretty widely spread.

In Israel, where they’ve had a female chief executive, women serve in the armed forces and are well represented in government, the Orthodox not only can’t shake hands with them or dance with women at weddings and whatnot, they also tend to just erase them from photos.

I get it, just look at this picture on the right. MEN COULD BE AROUSED. This is prime spank bank material, so you gotta Photoshop magic those women out for their own protection. It’s a matter of respect. Personally, I look at the picture with the women, but only through a sheet.


True Outrage from Maddow on Thursday

This story is so outrageous. It just can’t be allowed to live, or whatever.

The parents of one of the victims of the Aurora massacre sued the online ammo whore vendors who sold a mentally defective person 6,000 bullets. They lost their case because America and further, because America, they now owe the ammo mongering scum bags $220,000 in attorney’s fees.

Fuck them!

Watch the report here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/22/maddow-aurora-shooting_n_7421414.html

Asshole of the Week – This is Easy

This Josh Duggar asshole is asshole of the week and not by a little for a very good reason: this child molester literally has claimed that gay people are child molesters.

The hypocrisy of bullshit people like this prick and his entire prick family is maddening. Their only redeeming quality is how they’re going to bring down child molester excuser Mike Hucksterbee.

The former Arkansas governor largely defended the actions of the family since the abuse and said he wanted to “affirm” support for the family. “Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, ‘inexcusable,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unforgivable,’” Huckabee’s statement said. The Duggar family endorsed former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in the 2012 election, but have backed Huckabee for the Republican presidential nomination this time around.

For second place I nominate every right wing reporter that called protesters and rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson “thugs” and have not seen fit to use any sort of equivalent word for the white gang bangers who shot up each other in Waco. Nine killed, dozens wounded, 170 people arrested and HUNDREDS OF WEAPONS were found in that bar. But they’re not representative of an entire race. They’re not destroying their own neighborhoods. They don’t have father abandonment issues. Every white leader doesn’t have to denounce their actions.

Just because he deserves it let’s give what’s due to Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business News (sound of crickets). Gasparino attacked three young woman reporters saying,

“These kids are such f*****g morons,” Gasparino declared, laughing. “They’re stupider than we thought!”

Later, Cavuto interviewed Gasparino about his dismissive reaction to Timpf and the other two young women. Cavuto defended Timpf, in particular, as “beautiful — and smart.”

But Gasparino was unmoved.

“She couldn’t wear my jockstrap as a reporter!” Gasparino scoffed.

I Just Can’t Even – But I’m Old

So these are the most popular baby names by state. I don’t know what’s more dumbfounding, Emma, Olivia and Sophia dominating so dominatingly – in 43 out of 51 states (and D.C.)!!! Or is it the funky outliers in 8 places:

Mia in NM and no place else? Do they just hate Woody Allen there?
Harper in BOTH Dakotas? Is it “To Kill a Mockingbird”?
Isabella in Florida and nowhere else?
Ava in 3 southern states, defensive and surrounded by Olivias and Emmas
And then D.C. with good old Elizabeth (but I’m old)

Liam? Noah? Seriously? You’re making me nostalgic for Brandon for crying out loud.

At least the boys have more variation, but to what end? Henry? Really Minnesota?

I would not have bet on Mason anywhere, but if I had to would I have foreseen this odd trio of Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Louisiana? Sing it with me “one of these things is not like the other.”