Trade Bill Stalled by Dems in the Senate

I quote the estimable Charlie Pierce because I couldn’t say it any better.

At the risk of being thought “dewy-eyed,” I would have to say that this afternoon’s events in the Senate justify the president’s snark about Senator Professor Warren’s being “a politician.” He’s right. She is. And, today, she was a better one than he was.

Senate Dems by a 52-45 vote, or 8 votes short of cloture, blocked consideration of the bill to give the president “Trade Promotion Authority” also known as fast track authority, that would bar congress from amending or filibustering trade agreements.

Some of the Dems are committed to the overall TPP but are dedicated to making sure that things like currency manipulation and other trade enforcement measures are included in the bill. Like Warren, they want to see the bill before they give the administration carte blanche to negotiate deals under the TPP.

There will be debate on this bill and that’s a good thing. All hail Warren!!

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