Turns Out all That I.D. Checking is SHARIA

Allen West is a candidate for Asshole of the Week every time he opens his mouth. It’s too easy really.

West was at a Walmart (not hard to picture) and he wanted to buy beer and the checkout clerk couldn’t sell it to him because he was under 21. This happens to me all the time (except with wine at Wegman’s cause I’m an elitist) and I never once thought, “gee, Sharia law is creeping all over the country.”

But for the Allen West’s of the world it just seems natural to make that leap. Who has restrictions on alcohol? Fundamentalist Muslim countries do. And the checkout clerk seemed Muslim so… they must have gotten to Walmart!!

What I would remind Mr. West is that we still have restrictions on where and when you can purchase alcohol in many places in this country and while many are for good and prudent reasons like preventing drunk driving, many are remnants of the Christian Temperance movement that brought us prohibition. There are still dry counties in this country and it ain’t Muslim Sharia law, it’s Christian Sharia law.

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