Have to Ask – Was Jeb the Dumb One All This Time?

For years we’ve been told that Jeb was the smart one in the family, he was the one they thought would be president, yada yada. It’s kinda clear that Jebbie is not ready for prime time, and he has no Karl Rove standing behind him to polish the terd.

We wrote about the initial question about whether he would have invaded Iraq and his gobsmacking answer that yes he would have and so would Hillary. Since then there’s been a hurricane of back and forth on whether he understood the question and it was based on what we know now, vs. what we knew then (i.e., believing the bad intelligence). None of the responses look uber presidential. Especially the excuse that he misheard the question.

We knew going into this that he’d have to answer uncomfortable questions about his brother’s tragic presidency, and we all assumed he’d have rehearsed poll tested answers. Not so much. He’s wingin’ it and it ain’t workin’.

The inevitable Jeb Bush waltz to the nomination now looks as silly as all those in 2008 who “clamored” for Law and Order actor Fred Thompson to get into the race, only to find him so lackluster that he was done as soon as he got in.

At this rate, I expect Jeb to be filming reverse mortgage commercials before the convention.

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