Russ Feingold is Coming Back

And not a moment too soon. As Senator from Wisconsin he was Elizabeth Warren before Elizabeth Warren. Russ Feingold had enough and didn’t run for reelection in 2010 and we got the execrable Ron Johnson (your crazy uncle senator).

2016 will be the anti-2010 and Russ Feingold helps in the effort to take the Senate back to Earth.

Johnson was one of the most endangered senators before Feingold committed, now he’s a dead man walking.
Along with a few other GOP senators representing blue states elected in the asshole year of 2010:

Kelly Ayotte, NH – way too conservative for NH it’s expected popular Gov. Maggie Hassan will challenge Ayotte.

Pat Toomey, PA – a real Club for Growth conservative in a blue state, Admiral Joe Sestak is already running

Mark Kirk, IL – just wrong for Illinois, almost any Dem. should be able to take this seat.

Those should be the low hanging fruit in a presidential year.

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