Raise the Goddamn Gas Tax and Build Shit, Please

The downside of having an awesome governor who is clamored for by the rest of the country to run for president is that he might take his eye off the ball in his own state, or have his eye on a completely different ball in a completely different game entirely. He may have promised never to raise taxes, which is awesome and all that but when you need trains to run on time and bridges and roads that don’t break your axles, you might need to raise that gas tax and yeah, it might hurt you with the national Republican party, but you gotta.

Oh I can’t keep this charade up. That waste of goddamn space Damaged Goods Christie will waste another couple of years as the governor of NJ just dicking around while we need to raise the goddamn gas tax and build some shit.

It hasn’t been raised since 1988 and 1990 for crying out loud. I am less inclined to debate people at this point who claim things like low taxes are good for people blah blah blah, and just kick them in the balls.

We’re only hurt by these people and their stupid ideology. Voters ought to wake up any moment now… (still waiting).

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