Norway Divests from Coal – Still Too White to Emulate

It’s one of the best places to raise children and be a mother. People are happier with their lives and their government. Even their prisons are humane. Norway has been one of the leaders in renewable energy. And now they’re not just getting off coal, they’re getting out of coal.

Norway’s $890 billion government pension fund, considered the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, will sell off many of its investments related to coal, making it the biggest institution yet to join a growing international movement to abandon at least some fossil fuel stocks.

American nabobs of negativism will say that “of course Norway can do this, they’re smaller and whiter than we are. We can’t do this.” They make no sense at all. How is America exceptional if we can’t do these things? If we can’t lead in technology, can’t lead in science and can’t lead in environmental stewardship then we’re not only not exceptional, we’re the problem.

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