The FDA Banned Trans Fats “And it is a very big deal.”

Indeed. They warned they were going to do this in 2013 and now they’ve done it. The idiots who want to call this the food police, like the pro-death and dismemberment lobby and anti-regulation whores will say this is the end of the republic. But they always do.

“It’s probably the single most important change in our food supply, if not in decades then ever,” said Michael Jacobson, the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and a longtime advocate for the change. “This action alone will save many thousands of lives each year.”

New York did this in 2006 and the sky did not fall. The food industry said it couldn’t be done, but in fact it was easily done.

“The food industry will probably continue to argue that there are some foods where you need it [trans fat],” said Jacobson. “But that’s just not true. The government knows that.”

I wonder what else Bloomberg wanted to do that could have been easily done, but was fought as if it was herpes. Cause soda is freedom.

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