Hate to be Cynical But…

Anybody else wonder if the flag of hate and treason that has been such an essential mainstay of Southern pride and heritage since the early 60s (1960s albeit) is coming down without much fight so that we’ll stop talking about guns and racists?  Are they just throwing us a bone to distract everyone’s attention away from the real killers?

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One thought on “Hate to be Cynical But…

  1. It has always been total bullshit to say that flag was about any culture other than celebrating a racist past. Hell, the flag came into being because the South fought to preserve slavery, and Southern states started flying it only after Brown v Board to protest desegregation and Federal power. It is a big Fuck You Yankees flag. And now you will see it more than ever in the yards and on the cars of a certain class. It is all well and good for it to come down in Columbia. But the flip side is that there is no real discussion of gun control. So yeah, maybe this has all been another crafty move by the NRA 🙂

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