Supreme Court Still Not a Court, and Justices Still Not Judges

Arguably last week’s correct decisions were still handed down based on politics. Of course the ACA case should never have been heard at all, but all’s well that ends well, at least in that case. And did we really expect them to hand the Republicans a massive smack in the face for the 2016 elections? Scalia, Alito and Thomas may be fanatical ideologues but Roberts is as calculating as they come and Kennedy just blows with the wind on social issues.

But never imagine that this Court will stay reasonable for too long, especially when corporations come calling for relief.

They struck down the EPAs rules on curbing toxic emissions 5-4.

We can keep making progress socially, but the country has gone far, far right in protecting moneyed interests and the 1% – with the help of this incredibly corporatist Court.

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