The Most Important Court Ruling No One Will Talk About

Gerrymandering is one of the terrible twins that is killing our democracy, along with it’s brother in Satan money in politics. Smart people who care have been trying to overturn Citizen’s United, and even quieter are those who have been trying to end the politically motivated gerrymandering that causes the party that gets fewer votes over all to have a stranglehold on Congress and dominate Congressional delegations even when their voters are the minority.

The Court said 5-4 (natch) that remediating this big steaming crap on democracy is okay by upholding Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission.

The majority argued that if the people of a state elect, through referendum, to create an independent redistricting commission, that is self-government and completely constitutional.

The minority argued “argle-bargle, jiggery-pokery, pie!”

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