Worst People Ever

Are those that would not only say thing that they know are false, like every anti-gay marriage activist who says that pastors will be forced to do things against their beliefs, but even worse are the people who equate their actions against people’s rights to the actions of our heroes who were for people’s rights. We all know that the Nazis were the real Jews. Or something like that.

And then we have the people who preach one thing and do another. Looking at you Bristol Palin, the world’s worst spokesman for abstinence.

And let’s not give her a pass just because we always knew that she and her mother are just opportunists out for a buck. No, Bristol, like that Duggar chap, sought the limelight, danced with the stars, and made the speeches for prodigious money. These are terrible, terrible people.

This is a lady who just earlier this month went on a tear about Miley Cyrus, saying, “Thanks for giving us the best example of what ‘tolerance’ looks like in Hollywood: it looks a lot like contempt,” and groused of Caitlyn Jenner that “Being gay/transgender makes you a hero,” adding tellingly, “We have way too many hypocrites.” All of this, while she all but certainly must already have known she was pregnant.

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