Okay, Republicans Were the Party of Lincoln, You Want to Make That Argument?

If I only had a million dollars for every time some GOP pundit or politician tried to deflect current conservative racist policy by invoking Lincoln and the Republicans of 1860, or the Democrats of the South of the first half of the 20th century “Robert Byrd was in the Klan!!!!”

Well okay, yes, you have a partial understanding of history that in no way excuses the current state of the GOP and “know nothing” conservatives who are anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-labor, etc. To paraphrase “Rebel Without a Cause”:

– What are you rebelling against?
– Whaddaya got?

But here’s the full picture of the political history of 1860-1865 that crushes their fictitious argument: yeah, the Republicans of the 1860s were the liberals pushing a revolutionary change in society and a massive increase of centralized federal power and the Democrats were the conservatives defending state’s rights and the status quo. How much of that do you agree with?

It was under Lincoln and his Republican party that the U.S. government became the largest employer in the country, asserted an active and robust centralized government over the states, created a permanent massive military, enacted the first income tax, a large national debt, spending on improvements, etc.

Republicans were recognized as representing economic privilege and political centralization (50% of that remains true).

It was the Democrats who were the party of state’s rights, limited government and what we now call “strict construction.” Indeed the Democratic party’s slogan at the time was “The Union as it is, the Constitution as it was.”

So do they really want to sign up for the agenda of Lincoln’s Republican party? I don’t think so.

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The Heartbreak of One Mistake

This piece in the LA Times shows a slice of what life is like in 2015 in the USA when you don’t matter; when your parent makes one mistake and you and your prospects drop out of the middle class through a trap door and free fall into hopelessness.

No room at the Inn for innocence

The kid has a pet roach he pretends is a turtle. If it weren’t real you’d think it was the Onion. But it’s real alright, a world in which somebody else’s bad choices consign a child to playing in a parking lot and all forms of insecurity, fear and depression. The wealthy 1% in this country, who would vote Republican, can’t imagine this world exists. That might be their most dangerous delusion.

So a 1.5 Hr. Commute Becomes 2.5 in NJ Because Weather & Christie

NJ Transit is beset by problems when it’s hot, when it’s rainy, when it’s snowy… because trains are 19th century technology with few real upgrades in the 21st century and a deficiency of tunnels under the Hudson can’t be fixed overnight.

My week has been particularly awful. Although I get more reading done sitting on a stationary train, I’d just as soon get to my destination somewhere close to my desired time.

So it just makes Damaged Goods Christie’s horrible, terrible, very bad decisions regarding cancelling the long-planned ARC Project all the more horrible, terrible and very, very bad.

The deteriorating tunnels are a chokepoint for rail traffic from Boston to Washington, the busiest railroad corridor in the United States, and serve as the central artery for New Jersey Transit, one of the nation’s largest providers of commuting services. Transit advocates said that this week’s breakdowns, far from being an anomaly, laid bare the paralyzing effects of disruptions that could become common in the absence of quick action.

Now Trump’s Gone Too Far?

Vile racist nonsense is one thing, but the Kool Kids of the Beltway will not stand for one of their own to be insulted.

Of course, what Trump said about McCain is as ridiculous as what the GOP in general did to John Kerry in 2004. Remember the purple hearts at the GOP convention?


But as bad as what he has said about Mexicans, this will be the trigger of a million e-mails to establishment GOPers to squash Trump, but it won’t work. Tee hee hee!

Watch as there is ever greater impetus for GOPers to rally around an anti-Trump.

And yes, it’s truly vile that we’re 16 months out and this is our reality. But the coming GOP schism will be so much fun!!!