A Trend, Maybe? (Probably not but what is a happy clappy liberal supposed to do?)

Gallup shows that Democrats have regained an edge in party affiliation after a rare historic equilibrium.


30% of the public claims to be Dems, while 25% claims to be Republicans while equal 16% camps claim to be independent but leaning Dem (total 46%) or R (total 41%) (watch those numbers decrease for the Rs as people get to know the presidential clown car).

Concurrently, Bernie Sanders is getting amazingly large crowds at his rallies. 10,000 in Madison Wisconsin last night. And he announced raising $25 million in just 2 months. And you can bet not one penny of it was corporate.

It doesn’t hurt the trend that Hillary raised $45 million in the quarter with 91% of it in donations of $100 or less which is pretty impressive too.

God knows I wish we didn’t have to talk about 2016 until, say, 2016. But that’s where we are.

Hat tip to Joan Walsh on her article on how some of the mainstream media has embraced Bernie Sanders out of their irrational hate for Hillary. The article mentions the late socialist philosopher Michael Harrington. I took a political science class taught by Mr. Harrington way back when at Queens College and it was an honor to have done so.

He used to tell a story about how he would be asked to give speeches in front of crowds of what we called “Reagan Democrats” back in the 80s – blue collar working class white guys, union guys, who would never have called themselves “socialists.” He would speak and they would find themselves agreeing with everything he had to say, but questioning how that could be since he was a dreaded socialist. They would walk away with a completely different attitude towards the entire political structure and how the system labels people ideologically and marginalizes all but the two mainstream parties.

Happy 4th all!!

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