Darwin Awards Take This One Too

So a couple of drunken idiots blew their heads off by trying to shoot fireworks using their heads as a launching pad. Here in Maine. This guy in Michigan.

Then this guy ignored warnings about a killer alligator to go swimming and got taken out of the gene pool. He did it the most American way too, stating “fuck that alligator” before diving into the alligator’s food bowl.

But our target today is even stupider, more arrogant and less worthy of consideration than these other thinking impaired morons. And yet, the only repercussion for him is profound embarrassment.

This guy jumped on a Broadway stage moments before curtain to charge his cell phone in a prop wall outlet. On stage. So now the pre-show announcements to take no flash pictures have to add this admonition as well? Even if you weren’t hip to the reality that a stage set is not going to have a working electrical outlet, how opportunistic and egocentric do you have to be to think, “oh I’m down to 3%, I’ll just hop up on the stage and plug in for a minute.” Seriously.

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