Could it be ‘Cause GOP is Increasingly Southern? Just Guessin’


Democrats increasingly see the confederate flag as a not so benign symbol of hate and Republicans just don’t.

The tragedy of this is that Americans to this day don’t universally see clear enough to see the truth behind this flag of slavery, white supremacy and treason. I’ve written about the South’s propaganda campaign to minimize the meaning of the flag and the reasons and causes for the entire Civil War so as to excuse them like it was just a high spirits, boys-will-be-boys thing.

Clearly, they were very successful for a long time and the spell is still working on the Republican portion of the population, that is, by the way, trending more Southern and rural.

One could look at present ways of thought and think we’ve not been this divided since 1860 and I think one might just be right. It’s even starker now that one region and way of thinking has chosen one political party as their ideological home, while everyone thinking the opposite has chosen the other party wherever they live. (A large group of “pox on both their houses” types have chosen independence, although when you push them most do lean a particular way.)

In 1860 Republicans were almost exclusively a Northern party, but Democrats had powerful constituencies in the North and South that were also increasingly in conflict with each other. The conflict was so profound that it is kind of amazing that the party survived the war and outlived the Confederacy.

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