House GOP Takes Derp to New Levels on Flag

The confederate flag stuff was actually quite simple when it was just about a flag as a symbol of hate. Leave it to the GOP in our Congress (God bless their hearts) to turn it into a political football.

Long story short, a spending bill to finance the Interior Department was gliding through the House including some amendments passed with no controversy to ban the confederate battle flag on certain federal lands. No muss no fuss, you would think. But the stupid is, as we’ve said many times, strong with these people. The modern Republican Party is largely a Southern sectional party. Soooo…

Members of both parties were shocked, however, when the House GOP leadership made an effort late the next night to reverse those Democratic measures. The backlash was so immediate and intense that Republicans were forced to withdraw the Interior spending bill from the floor.

Out of the blue Southern heritage lovers stepped up to scuttle the spending bill unless the amendments to ban their heritage’s flag were removed.

Not only is the fate of the Interior spending bill now in jeopardy, but Rogers said that the flag debate “could be a problem” for his plans to pass 12 appropriations bills this summer, according to Politico. The appropriations process has been ground to a halt, Politico reported, until GOP leadership decides how to handle the issue.

The great Norm Ornstein explains:

“That leaves Boehner in a very tough position in getting the bills through the House,” Ornstein explained in an interview with TPM, as the speaker must keep on board hardcore Tea Party Republicans who would oppose almost any spending bill that doesn’t entirely demolish domestic programs.

“What it means is he has to accommodate people he would really rather not accommodate. And what happened in this case of course he didn’t have the votes and several southern Republicans basically said, ‘You want our votes? You’re going to have to do something on the Confederate flag.’”

There is nothing that can’t be dysfunctioned to death by these elected village idiots.

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