So a 1.5 Hr. Commute Becomes 2.5 in NJ Because Weather & Christie

NJ Transit is beset by problems when it’s hot, when it’s rainy, when it’s snowy… because trains are 19th century technology with few real upgrades in the 21st century and a deficiency of tunnels under the Hudson can’t be fixed overnight.

My week has been particularly awful. Although I get more reading done sitting on a stationary train, I’d just as soon get to my destination somewhere close to my desired time.

So it just makes Damaged Goods Christie’s horrible, terrible, very bad decisions regarding cancelling the long-planned ARC Project all the more horrible, terrible and very, very bad.

The deteriorating tunnels are a chokepoint for rail traffic from Boston to Washington, the busiest railroad corridor in the United States, and serve as the central artery for New Jersey Transit, one of the nation’s largest providers of commuting services. Transit advocates said that this week’s breakdowns, far from being an anomaly, laid bare the paralyzing effects of disruptions that could become common in the absence of quick action.

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