Beginning to Think HRC Not Quite Inevitable

What the NY Times has done to Hillary recently smacks of what they did to Al Gore in 1999-2000. Ask President Gore how that worked out.

The constant flak she takes, not just from her natural enemies in the GOP, but from the mainstream press and Beltway Gasbags is not surprising but raises an alarm with me that it’s going to be very hard to beat both your enemies AND the press.

The idiots on Morning Joe, my favorite Fox News show on MSNBC will never let up on her or even allow that she’s a human.

I don’t think for a moment that this will allow any of the GOP clown car riders into the WH in 2016. Demographics, logic and the innate intelligence of the American people (yeah, I wrote that) will ensure none of them will get any closer to the presidency than Mitt did. But the fact that so many of the Beltway Villagers grew up and made their bones in the 90s atmosphere of smirking and smearing the Clintons are still around and still pushing the Clinton rules, whereby anything goes when Bill or Hillary are involved, is alarming.

These people may not be actively helping the GOP (although some of the certainly are), but they won’t let truth stand in their way if they can destroy HRC.

They can turn a good person into a punch line and it’s just up to the voters to ignore them. Gore couldn’t overcome them in 2000 (notwithstanding winning the popular vote). Beginning to have an inkling that this inevitability is not iron clad.

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