Chuck Schumer Can’t be Leader if he Rejects Iran Deal

You can’t have two masters. You’re either a member, and leader, of the thinking party of rational thought and government responsibility or you’re with stupid. If you reject the Iran deal because AIPAC has your balls in a jar, there’s no appreciable difference than if it was because you’re dependent on the Koch Bros. or the NRA.

If you can’t see that this deal is the best deal available and the difference between (a) dealing responsibly with a complex international situation with our allies or (b) going whole hog neocon Gen. Jack D. Ripper, then you are useless to the Democratic party and our nation’s best interests.

Schumer will never get another penny from me. MoveOn has a hold on any contributions to him.

Our country doesn’t need another Joe Lieberman in the Senate, and it certainly doesn’t need him as Democratic leader. The vast majority of Democratic voters — the people who elected President Obama in part because of our shared belief that war must always be a last resort — will not stand for it. Frankly, we thought Senator Schumer and other Democrats in Washington had learned their lesson after being misled into supporting a misguided war of choice in Iraq.

I have every faith that in 2016 Democrats will win back the Senate. Mark Kirk, Ron Johnson, Kelly Ayotte and Pat Toomey are the senatorial walking dead. Schumer would be walking into majority leadership in a split government with the GOP holding the House. He’d have an especially vital and important position in guiding a potential Clinton II administration.

How does he do that after embracing the same position on a vital Middle East matter as Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz?!! The stupidity of it all is inexcusable.

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