Regulations Work

I had a brother-in-law who asked me “what regulation do you hate?” Yeah, what a sparking conversationalist, right? But putting his question through the modern politics Rosetta Stone I instantly knew that he was coming from a knee jerk libertarian, pro-business, anti-regulation place. Over and over again Republicans and Libertarians will cite “regulations” when the question of what to do about the economy or jobs comes up. Which regulations exactly? Eh, that’s not so clear. But obviously the EPA and the SEC, and any regulatory body that makes regulations that effect business should be suspect and probably dispensed with. Obviously.

They make it sound like all regulations are created just to annoy business, or worse created by COMMUNISTS who hate business and… I guess want to annoy it. It never seems to occur to them that 1. there are damn few COMMUNISTS anywhere, especially in elected office or government service, and 2. even COMMUNISTS, should they exist, like to eat. People in a position to regulate aren’t writing regulations for shits and giggles, they’re doing it for their health, or for their constituent’s health. For example, rules on what you can dump into the air and water.

In my lifetime I’ve seen the air over Los Angeles go from brown to blue. The Hudson River has life in it. The Cuyahoga no longer spontaneously combusts.

The Thames now has life in it again. And that’s apparently a fucking miracle next to what it was 60 years ago.

One thought on “Regulations Work

  1. All true. There are absolutely regs that are undue burdens and/or pointless and/or silly . But look at it this way: throughout American history, any industry that was too lightly regulated ran wild and hurt people and economy — e.g, mining, auto, financial.

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