How Could the GOP Get Worse Than This?

The absolutely worst people, maybe ever, in American political history, are today’s Republican party. Evidence? After working their own brand of evil overtime to scuttle the Iran deal, the unquestionably best deal possible, by disingenuously saying “we need a better deal”, they’re already trying to undermine whatever planet saving agreement can come out of the upcoming international Paris climate talks. Before one international conferee could even book a hotel, already it’s a horrible America destroying commie plot of an agreement. Even if there’s NO AGREEMENT YET!


But they’re ‘agin’ it!

So who in American political history could be worse than that? More irresponsible than that? Have less credibility as leaders than that?

The reasonable, rational statesmen have all gone home leaving petty, stupid and ideologically driven, ethically challenged clowns looking forward to being raptured.

After 30 years of downward spiral, here’s where we are. And the worst part is the media still pretends Bob Dole and Bob Michels are running this party and not Rush Limbaugh and the collective Borg mind of the Tea Party.