Never waste a good crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis was just another human tragedy out there blowing in the tumbleweeds of newsworthiness. Even when entire trucks full of lifeless souls were found or toddlers washed up on shore, it was barely a blip on the consciousness of the media.

But then some nihilist maniacs attack innocent people in Paris and all of a sudden everybody is interested in the refugees, who had nothing to do with what happened in Paris, but whatevs. Details are never important to those who would use tragedy as a political yahtzee!

It’s bad and misguided enough to be a governor and say my state won’t allow any refugees, as if governors got to say those things.  They don’t. But Mike Pence of Indiana takes it to another level of cynical demagogic evil. Syrian family diverted after Indiana changes refugee policy.

Two Syrian refugee families who had been approved to be moved to the United States and were scheduled to arrive in Indianapolis on Thursday have been officially told they are not welcome in the Hoosier State.


One of those babies might be a bomb.

A Tennessee GOP leader said every Syrian already accepted should be rounded up and sent back.

Doubling down on his comments Tuesday, a leading Tennessee Republican still believes it’s best to gather up Syrian refugees living in Tennessee with the help of the Tennessee National Guard.

If at all possible, House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-Franklin, said the state should look at having the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation“observe” those refugees who’ve recently entered the state, regardless of whether they’ve committed any crime.

​”I am calling for civil disobedience, in order to protect the lives and property of Tennesseans. And that has consequences,” Casada said.

He believes in civil disobedience, when it hurts people. Like the rest of the GOP who hates laws that protect civil liberties of people they don’t like, but naturally assert their own right to hate. This freedom is messy.

Chris Christie also said he wouldn’t even take 3-year old orphans, as he twirled an imaginary moustache, rubbed his hands manically and cackled.

He said this after NJ ranked in the top 10 state in the country for accepting Syrian refugees.

Look, part of the game here is that Isis wants Americans to act ugly, to throw children to the winds. If you accept those children, in a decade or two they’re Americans, dreamers, protesting for citizenship. If not, you create alienated, poverty stricken youth with no future and no home who might as well strap bombs to themselves.

How hard is that to understand?

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