What about the children…

If you are Christian and American it’s just good politics to be un-Christian and un-American.  Despicable overreaction that negates everything you say you’re committed to is our brand.

There’s no shortage of politicians who are very willing to take a “crisis” like what happened in France, and scream and yell about national security and gnash teeth because the Chris Cilizza’s in the media will always laugh and pat them on the head, enabling them by saying it’s “good politics.” And that may be the most disgusting thing of all and is certainly why we are so fucking dysfunctional and can’t have nice things.

Cilizza’s record of enabling goes back a long way. These are some of his recent greatest hits:

  • It was “smart politics” when John Boehner pushed through a budget deal as he was resigning, so that Paul Ryan could play “bad cop.”
  • It’s “good politics” for House conservatives to oppose their leaders.
  • It was “smart politics” when Carly Fiorina mau-maued CNN into including her in their debate.
  • It’s “good politics” for Republican presidential hopefuls to go after Hillary Clinton.
  • Donald Trump’s loudmouthed bluntness can, of course, be “good politics.”
  • Attacking the media is “good politics” for national Republicans.
  • When faced with crises like the Baltimore riots, it’s “good politics” for politicians to show empathy.
  • It’s also “good politics” for Republicans to pretend that the media does Hillary Clinton’s bidding.
  • It’s “smart politics” when Republicans avoid discussing abortion in favor of talking about the economy.

“Think what you will” of Republican xenophobia and hate-mongering toward Syrian refugees (especially the Muslims among them), but it “sure looks like a political winner.”

Hacks like Cilizza care nothing about policy, only covering the horse race with glib “smartest guy in the room” elan. As John Oliver would say, “FUCK THAT GUY! FUCK THAT GUY TILL HE’S BLUE IN THE FACE!”



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