Illinois illustrative

NY Times’ Nick Confessore has a long piece on how the millionaires and billionaires have targeted Illinois, put Bruce Rauner, one of their own in the governors mansion and set up a battle royale for democracy in the state.

Illinois, Mr. Page added, is “a case study of the disconnect in action — between what average citizens want the government to do and what it does.”

One percenters like Bruce Rauner and his pals have decided that the only way to save the country is to impose their will on it because they know better. And what do they know? Oddly enough, it’s that taxes should be lower, especially on them, the government spends too much on the poors, regulation on business is bad.

You see, things aren’t great anymore (funny how the people who have everything are the most negative about everything), and the answer that these people have decided on is to trash everything that made the greatness and double down on the policies that drained it away.

So unions?  Have to go.

The minimum wage? Not necessary.

Social safety nets? A fine thing in the abstract, we’re not against them because that would make us heartless. But in practice, they have to go. I call no contradiction on that!

The roll of government? Less. And then a little less than that. It’s certainly a bad thing to regulate billionaires, I think we can all agree on that. That’s just common sense.

The way to achieve their governmental wet dreams is to use their money as speech and flood the marketplace of ideas with theirs. If the majority of people who are just getting by aren’t going to vote, or are only going to pay brief attention and then vote, then the wealthy can influence the public agenda to almost no end.

The rub for them is that the public doesn’t agree with their agenda, so it’s not enough to spend an unprecedented amount to elect a governor who is instantly disapproved of because his agenda is out of step with the public. They’re going to have to do something about that pesky supermajority of Democrats in the state legislature too. As the Wicked Witch of the West put it: “All in due time my pretty, all in due time.”

Oh sorry, these idiots have already ruined Kansas. Can the Winged Monkeys destroy Illinois too?


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