Happy News Year Polislicers

It’s really just the marking of time. Nothing miraculously changes when the ball drops. The universe goes on for another second, and only we humans flip a calendar and wish each other a Happy New Year.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. It doesn’t mean it’s not a heartfelt expression of love for our fellow passengers on spaceship Earth who are sharing this part of the journey with us. It doesn’t mean the emotions are not not real and cathartic when we say “goodbye” to those of us who won’t be joining us in 2016.

As an emotional person who can wallow in the maudlin with the best of them, I’ve always been fondest of New Years.

It’s just the marking of time. But time is all we’ve got, and not enough of that.

Happy new year. Health, happiness, wisdom and peace to you!


It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory

It’s just quite obvious that you can be a Republican media mogul and be very canny about what would be best for you and your ratings. Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Matt Drudge, et al. have been demonizing Hillary Clinton since the mid-90s. They know very well that there’s nothing better for their ratings, page views, etc. than having a demon in the White House to rail against.

Not just a demon, but a time tested demon harpy that represents the continued degradation of the country, the continued theft of the American way (from the true (read: white male) Americans) which a Hillary presidency would represent in pink pants suited lady spades.

Rush/Drudge/Hannity: “Make no mistake loyal readers/listeners this country is being destroyed by lies, degeneracy and political correctness, so keep watching/listening/reading and send me as much money as you can jam into an envelope so we can fight this scourge together.”

So if you’re a canny right wing media mogul whose following is cuckoo  for cocoa puffs, why wouldn’t you push Donald Trump as a Republican white knight? None of these idiots running for the nomination is going to beat Hillary, but Trump will at least put on a good show as he flames out.  And a big flame out is awesome for their prospects for the next 4-8 years. Yes, defending the great American way that hasn’t actually existed since the 1950s is big business, and business will be a boomin’ under a Hillary Clinton Feminazi Dictatorship!

So with all due respect to the great Michael Tomasky (Why is Matt Drudge Boosting Donald Trump?), it doesn’t surprise or puzzle me at all.



Freak Storm at North Pole

Which reminds me of the George Carlin bit about a freak accident on the 405. Three freaks in a Volkswagen hit two freaks in a Ford. Freak accident.

Nevertheless… my father used to always comment when he saw in the paper that it was warmer in Alaska on a given day than in Miami Beach (why he was always looking at the weather in Alaska and Miami I could not tell you). But he’d always point it out and I’d have to say “Dad, it’s weather, it happens.”

But is it weather or climate when a freak storm at the North Poll raises temperatures 50 degrees F in the winter?

A powerful winter cyclone — the same storm that led to two tornado outbreaks in the United States and disastrous river flooding — has driven the North Pole to the freezing point this week, 50 degrees above average for this time of year.


For a Record 20th Time – Most Admired Woman in the World is…

Hillary Clinton.  20th time. 14th year. Which is YOOOOGE! This is like being inducted into the the Human Hall of Fame at this point, it’s unprecedented.  That loser Eleanor Roosevelt came out on top in the Gallup Poll only 13 times in her lifetime.

Gallup Most Admired Poll 12/28/15 

Obama was most admired man, again, showing approval ratings are unrelated to admiration.  Trivia question: what other list boasts both The Dalai Lama and Donald Trump?  If you said they’re both members of the Friars Club you win. The Dalai Lama is known to work blue at the roasts.*


*The Dalai Lama is not  actually a member of the Friars Club, that I know of.

NBA Players’ Anti Gun Ad on Christmas

A bunch of very high profile NBA players did an ad that aired during NBA games on Christmas day.


Mike Weisser, “the Gun Guy” notes what a game changer this could be.

I was in a high-end burger bar Christmas afternoon when one of these ads played on the widescreen that was tuned to the NBA. This restaurant tends to be a noisy place, but it quieted down when Carmelo Anthony said what he had to say. Way down.

Going to take this kind of high profile activism and a lot of testicular fortitude to beat the NRA. But they have to be beat.



Justice is Insane in Cleveland

There is no possible explanation for this that can be accepted by sentient beings.

Grand jury fails to charge any cops for murder of 12 year old

12 year old boy with a toy gun, they fired within seconds of arriving. There’s nothing. NO THING that could possibly justify this shooting. And even less to justify not charging the officer who shot first, at least.

The idea that Tamir Rice was reaching into his waste band so we just have to fire is not going to cut it.

The person who called 911 with the original call, who advised 911 that the gun was probably a toy, must have a pretty hard time living with themselves. In this world, with the cops we have in this country, that call killed Tamir Rice. There’s still no excuse for actually pulling the trigger, but dammit, why do you make that call? Why does nobody talk to a boy before damning him to death?

In a Monday afternoon news conference, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty said a “perfect storm of human error” led to Rice’s death.

The Season of the Grinch

In Trump’s America Cafeteria worker fired for giving free meal to student who couldn’t pay.

The middle school administrators, who wouldn’t accept the $1.70 the woman offered to pay for the 12 year old’s meal, probably believe they’re good people. Probably believe they’re superior to the woman they fired.

Good Christians, I’m sure.

Human resources for Irving Middle School in Pocatello sent Dalene Bowden a termination letter that stated she was fired for stealing school district property and for inaccurate transactions in serving food, according to the report.

Foreclose on the entire town Mr. Potter, go ahead.

Update 12/24: She got her job back. Mr. Potter loses again.

WTF is this About?

It’s the most ubiquitous cliche in photography, the half naked model with lit cigarette sticking out of her mouth. But I can’t figure out why this is supposed to be sexy, or even not disgusting.

cigarette 1MTM1MzI0Mjc4MjczOTQ0MTk1

I can’t even wrap my head around the idea that during the photo shoot somebody said: here put this lit cigarette in your mouth and just sort of barely hold it there, like you couldn’t care less about smoking it.

cigarette 2

You’re so relaxed it’s that close to falling out of your mouth.  You are so over this cigarette you’re just letting it burn between your lips. You are too busy being sexy to worry about hot ash falling on you.

cigarette 3

You don’t care so much that you are dead in the eyes. Oh cigarette and dead eyes, like a shark but smoking! Smoking shark so hot!

cigarette 4.jpeg

If we could just add a needle in your arm.  Perfect! Can we do that? You just got out of rehab? We’ll get a stunt addict.

Dude you want in on this? Cigarettes are not sexist!

cigarette 5

I don’t know Dieter, he’s not got it, his eyes are slits, but not a smoking shark, he looks awake.  Kate, show him how to do.

cigarette 6

Yes, there’s my girl, sleep smoking. So sexy. Who can beat that?

cigarette 7

Ew, seriously? Too much! Brooke what have you got?

cigarette 8

You’re fired Brooke, sorry. Who else?

cigarette 9

I think you are mocking me! Are you making the mock? I’m done! Clear the studio. Somebody open a window! Dieter, get my cigarette!