Rio Hosts Pathogen Olympics ’16

Maybe not the most important issue ever. Lord knows, if I used this space for my sports based thoughts and musings I’d have twice as many posts and half the audience. But this is a really interesting and vexing story about the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio and the degraded environment there.  Not the noxious air like in Peking, this time it’s the filthy water.  Filthy water that swimmers and boaters are supposed to compete in.

AP Test Shows Rio Olympic Water Badly Polluted Far Offshore: ‘Exposure Is Imminent’

A new round of testing by The Associated Press shows the city’s Olympic waterways are as rife with pathogens far offshore as they are nearer land, where raw sewage flows into them from fetid rivers and storm drains. That means there is no dilution factor in the bay or lagoon where events will take place and no less risk to the health of athletes like sailors competing farther from the shore.

It’s a disgusting, ridiculous situation. There’s still what, 6 months? to find another venue or remediate in some way.  Just please don’t tell us, all is well, don’t worry.

As a result, none of the venues are fit for swimmers or boaters, she said. Athletes who ingest three teaspoons of water have a 99 percent chance of being infected by viruses.

No end to the big money based stupid.

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