Not even for recreation

I know two people who purchased guns in the last year for recreation. At least that’s what they said. In one case I believe they keep their gun at the range. The other person does keep it at home and in fact got a carry permit to make it easier to transport from home to range, but never intends to carry it on them.  At least that’s what they said.

They say it’s so much fun.  I have no argument. I can’t say “no it’s not,” if they have fun, then they have fun. Could I imagine it being fun? I remember 30 years ago playing Duck Hunt in a friend’s apartment for a good amount of time because I was really good at it, yeah that was fun. But it was a TV, no actual ducks were harmed. A misfire wouldn’t even hurt the TV.

I’ve thought about going to a range to shoot just to check it out.

I‘ve decided I cannot do that.

I cannot accept the recreational aspect of guns. They’re for killing. It’s a derangement to get entertainment from shooting them. If your job requires you to be armed for protection then you need to shoot to be proficient. Then it’s work, it’s not fun.

I’ve sort of accepted that a lot of people are not going to agree with that. They’re not going to get rid of the guns they have, in fact right now people are buying more.  And I really don’t care so long as they’re handguns, shotguns and single-shot rifles. Guns that have a legitimate hunting or defense purpose. Because what are we going to do, take everything? Not gonna happen and not worth the fight.

Assault weapons are worth the fight.

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