Trump Hotel Votes to Unionize

Some stories tick multiple boxes.

Pro-Union? Check.

Piss off a ridiculous assclown? Check.

500 workers at a Trump hotel in Las Vegas have voted to UNITE HERE.

“Trump Las Vegas workers have spoken loud and clear: They want respect, dignity and the Las Vegas union standard,” said Geoconda Arguello-Kline, secretary-treasurer of the Culinary Workers Union. “Trump Las Vegas should recognize the workers’ vote immediately and sit down with us to negotiate a contract as soon as possible.”

Las Vegas is one of the most labor dense cities in America now and one of the reasons that wages for all workers there are generally higher and attract so many workers.

Unions used to represent almost 33% of the workers in the country. We’re down to about 11% (and most of that are public unions under constant fire from Republicans). Could that have anything to do with our declining middle class?

Hell yes it does.

Why?  Very simply, unions acted as a countervailing force to the power of the corporations, kept them in check and leveled the playing field for workers in negotiating fair wages, benefits and working conditions. Without them, rights, benefits and pay go poof!

Not much mystery why big business hates unions and government, those are the only two entities big enough to counter them. From 1970-2000 they eroded the unions and since 1980 they’ve gone after government as well. When politicians attack “big government” this is whose water they’re carrying.

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