Is it Dissonance or Dishonesty?

Republican presidential contender Ben Carson has a simple solution for preventing a Paris-style attack at one of his campaign rallies: “If a bunch of terrorists came in here and there were people in here with guns, it would be very unlikely that they would be able to carry about the kind of massacre they did in Paris.”

Trump and Carson have both claimed that Paris-like attacks would never happen at one of their rallies because their supporters are proud 2nd Amendment loving gun toters, making their rallies as secure as a Mafia wedding.

Only one problem, the Secret Service does not allow anybody into their rallies who are packing. So…. essentially their rallies are what do they call them? What is they hate and cite as the reason for these massacres?

Oh yeah, they’re “gun free zones”

At Carson’s rallies as well as Donald Trump’s, there’s a dissonance between the faith they put in the hands of armed citizens to keep public events safe and the Secret Service protection they rely on for their own security.

They’re not strictly gun free zones, because the Secret Service is there. But Trump and Carson bark like their entire audience is armed, and their trained seals bark back as if they are –  when they know they’re not!

The dissonance is deafening.

Jon Adler, a law enforcement officer, gun-rights advocate and president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation, said he’d favor letting people bring guns to rallies if the Secret Service were not there — but not when the agency is assigned to the candidate. That, he said, would mean “a Wild, Wild West set of circumstances.”

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