Justice is Insane in Cleveland

There is no possible explanation for this that can be accepted by sentient beings.

Grand jury fails to charge any cops for murder of 12 year old

12 year old boy with a toy gun, they fired within seconds of arriving. There’s nothing. NO THING that could possibly justify this shooting. And even less to justify not charging the officer who shot first, at least.

The idea that Tamir Rice was reaching into his waste band so we just have to fire is not going to cut it.

The person who called 911 with the original call, who advised 911 that the gun was probably a toy, must have a pretty hard time living with themselves. In this world, with the cops we have in this country, that call killed Tamir Rice. There’s still no excuse for actually pulling the trigger, but dammit, why do you make that call? Why does nobody talk to a boy before damning him to death?

In a Monday afternoon news conference, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty said a “perfect storm of human error” led to Rice’s death.

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