For a Record 20th Time – Most Admired Woman in the World is…

Hillary Clinton.  20th time. 14th year. Which is YOOOOGE! This is like being inducted into the the Human Hall of Fame at this point, it’s unprecedented.  That loser Eleanor Roosevelt came out on top in the Gallup Poll only 13 times in her lifetime.

Gallup Most Admired Poll 12/28/15 

Obama was most admired man, again, showing approval ratings are unrelated to admiration.  Trivia question: what other list boasts both The Dalai Lama and Donald Trump?  If you said they’re both members of the Friars Club you win. The Dalai Lama is known to work blue at the roasts.*


*The Dalai Lama is not  actually a member of the Friars Club, that I know of.

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