Happy News Year Polislicers

It’s really just the marking of time. Nothing miraculously changes when the ball drops. The universe goes on for another second, and only we humans flip a calendar and wish each other a Happy New Year.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. It doesn’t mean it’s not a heartfelt expression of love for our fellow passengers on spaceship Earth who are sharing this part of the journey with us. It doesn’t mean the emotions are not not real and cathartic when we say “goodbye” to those of us who won’t be joining us in 2016.

As an emotional person who can wallow in the maudlin with the best of them, I’ve always been fondest of New Years.

It’s just the marking of time. But time is all we’ve got, and not enough of that.

Happy new year. Health, happiness, wisdom and peace to you!


One thought on “Happy News Year Polislicers

  1. Happy New Year, Polislice.

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