Assholes of the Week

This time it’s personal.

Todd Ricketts is a Chicago Cubs board member, former co-chairman of fundraising the obnoxious Scott Walker for President campaign, whose father is obnoxious billionaire founder of Ameritrade, Joseph Ricketts, who bought the Cubs in 2009 and whose Ending Spending Super PAC planned to target Barack Obama in 2012 with some obnoxious bullshit that was leaked to the NY  Times, whose brother is obnoxious conservative GOP governor of Nebraska J. Peter Ricketts, who obnoxiously vetoed the NE legislature’s bill to end the death penalty and then obnoxiously was inappropriately part of a petition campaign to get the death penalty back.

So the Ricketts family knows whereof it speaks when the subject is obnoxiousness.

After watching the Mets sweep the Cubs in the National League Championship Series, board member Todd Ricketts and wife Sylvie got some redemption in theWorld Series.

“Mets fans are really, really obnoxious,” Ricketts told a Cubs Convention audience Saturday at the Sheraton Grand Chicago.

Ricketts said he enjoyed mingling with Pirates and Cardinals fans during the playoffs, but he and his wife were just TV viewers when the Mets blew a 2-0 lead in the ninth inning of a 7-2 loss to the Royals in Game 5 of the World Series.

“When (Eric) Hosmer’s left hand crossed home plate, my wife jumped up and pointed at the TV and (screamed at) Matt Harvey,'” Ricketts said. “She really, really hates the Mets.”

Why? Because they swept your team? You hate them? The 2015 Mets were not a team that anybody could rationally hate. They weren’t the 1986 Mets who were a pugnacious and arrogant group of whom you could say the bad guys won. The 2015 Mets were just a great story about a team with great young pitching that made some moves at the trade deadline and went from the lowest scoring team to the highest scoring team and that fueled them towards a World Series run.  What did they do to you Ricketts people except sweep your team?

And the fans? It’s easy to claim any group of fans are obnoxious at times, when you’re losing to their team. To make the blanket statement that Mets fans are obnoxious without citing an incident or some concrete evidence to back up your antipathy is bad form for anybody. For the owner of another team and his wife to say these things in public is stupid and I expect MLB will talk to them.

Do they really think there’s anything said or done in Citifield that isn’t said or done at Wrigley?  Team owners, and their wives for crying out loud, don’t say these things in public because it’s truly obnoxious and unsportsmanlike.

So screw you Tom and Sylvie Ricketts, may Matt Harvey shut your Cubs out perpetually. For this Mets fan you are the assholes of the week.

And deep dish pizza isn’t fucking pizza, so suck on that too.

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