And What Hillary Gets Right

Once again Pierce is there on the hustings in Iowa and reports on Hillary’s mention of the proposed Johnson Controls tax Inversion (read: avoidance) scheme.

Hillary:  “Johnson Controls begged the administration and the government to bail out the auto industry,” she said. “And now, in the last few days, Johnson Controls has decided to pretend to sell itself to a company in Europe just to avoid paying taxes. They call this an IN-version. I’d call it a PER-version. “

Indeed, let’s hear Republicans defend a company that got bailed out with U.S. tax dollars in 2008 twisting itself into a legal pretzel to avoid paying taxes. It’s always time for “corporations are people my friends.”  Because we’re such a conservative country that the average folk appreciate solid corporate governance – while our infrastructure collapses around our feet.  Not fucking likely!



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