What the WaPo Gets Wrong About Sanders

What Pierce says.  1. What haven’t they gotten wrong?  2. It’s not about the details of healthcare system upgrades that aren’t going to pass a GOP House, it’s about leading. It’s about aspiration.

… there is no indication from recent history that President Hillary Rodham Clinton will be treated any differently than either President Bernie Sanders or the guy who has the job at the moment….

Why only Sanders is held to this Procrustean standard of aspirational politics is an interesting question…. Because of the way our politics is conducted these days, and because of the unprecedented use of the institutional choke-points in Washington, every presidential campaign is necessarily aspirational. The idea that this is a phenomenon unique to the Sanders campaign is an indication of a very large thumb on the scale.

The WaPo editorial page is the prime piece of opinion real estate that gives succor to the righties and centrists that want to dismiss progressives and claim this a center-right nation.  It was where David Broder acted as the original Village bergomeister, protecting the cocktail parties of official D.C. from dirty fucking hippies for decades.

Sanders wasted no time in piercing that inflated sense of centrist smugness that the WaPo wears like Buffalo Bill wore dead girls skins.

“Getting back to the Washington Post, check out where all the geniuses on the editorial page were with regard to the invasion of Iraq,” Sanders added.

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