On this episode of Hypocrisies, Inconsistencies and Lies

Trump keeps saying he’s self-funding. But at least a third of his funding comes from donations and then there’s also all the money coming in from selling that sweet ‘Make America Great Again” swag.

So he’s self-funding except for the maybe 40% of the funding that comes from others than self.

I am sure, that before this is over he will make sure his campaign repays himself every penny that he has loaned himself.

If you sent him some money, you gotta love that gratitude of continually disregarding your contribution.

And this is besides the fact that he did go hat in hand to the Koch Bros. and other usual right wing funding sources, who turned him down.

Join is next time as we roll out to find more of Trump’s Hypocrisies, Inconsistencies and Lies!!


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