It’s New Hampshire Weekend

Polls show Cruz predictably tanking undecided beating him Christie, Carson and Fiorina. Rubio predictably rising, although Kasich making a respectable establishment showing as well.  Boston Globe poll:

Donald Trump————————–28.80

Marco Rubio—————————-19.40

John Kasich —————————-13.00

Jeb Bush ——————————9.80

Undecided —————————–8.00

Ted Cruz ——————————6.60

Chris Christie—————————5.20

Ben Carson—————————–4.40

Carly Fiorina—————————-3.80

They also asked about who the second choice would be and for that Undecided won with 19.35%.  Undecided is the most popular second choice going into the final weekend. That’s Undecided.

On the Dem side, nothing new in NH, but one poll indicates Clinton’s national lead has evaporated to a 44% to 42%.   This is the first national poll that shows the race that close. The national poll tracker still has Clinton over 50%. But if this poll is indicative of the direction of the race, we should see polls in NV and SC start closing too. And then it can be said that Sanders has legs. We could see a few more of the kind of terrific debates like MSNBC hosted in NH.






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