Granite State Day

New Hampshire is “The Granite State.” I spent a good portion of 2015 going through granite yards and I don’t recall seeing one piece of granite from NH. Vermont marble yes, NH granite, no.

And New Jersey is “The Garden State,” just sayin’. Maybe the “Confusing Road Sign State,” sure.  Gardens? Meh!

Sanders will win tonight by double digits.  Go, Dixville Notch!!

Trump will win, and I am predicting a surprise second place by Kasich. Rubio third, Cruz fourth and nothing but tears for Christie, Bush, Carson and… oh yeah Carly is still running for veep.

A brief thought on feminism in regards to the election.  Not sure how feminism even applies to elections because we’re supposed to vote for the best person for the job regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I guess I’m a feminist in that I have voted for numerous women for numerous offices – the point being it would never occur to me to vote against a woman just because they were one. Feminism was the response to people who would indeed vote, choose, hire a man over a woman as a matter of prejudice, discounting their abilities.

While it’s cool to extol the virtues of women, which are legion, voting for a woman simply because she’s a woman would be almost as uncool as real prejudice. Not willing to put them on the same level, but almost. I do understand women wanting to support women, but making it mandatory or even reflexive? No.  That’s sexism.

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