So There’s Another Matthews Explanation Besides Hackery?

Hillary Donors Funding Chris Matthews’ Wife Into Congress

Matthews has always been a hack.  He made his TV bones in the 90s trotting Ann Coulter out everyday to shit on the Clintons. He had a tingle up his leg when GWB walked onto an aircraft carrier, only to later say he was always against the war.

He’s been inexplicably friendly to Hillary and absolutely unquestionably anti-Sanders. Well it’s not so inexplicable now.

Now, research by The Daily Caller reveals that Hillary’s biggest donors are backing Matthews’ wife — Kathleen Matthews — in her congressional race in Maryland, even though many of them don’t even live in the same state, much less the same district, that Matthews is seeking to represent…

Many of Matthews’ biggest donors have close ties to either the Clinton foundation or the Clintons themselves. As noted by Bloomberg two years ago, 12 families have donated to every single Clinton campaign and charity. Of the 12 families, the two families that have donated the most to the Clintons are both funding Matthews’ campaign.

Don’t recall hearing any disclosure from Matthews on any of this.  And he’s been anchoring MSNBC’s election coverage so far.  Not good.

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