More NH Notes

Let’s recognize that Bernie Sanders becomes the first Jew to win a presidential primary. Mazel tov!  And he’s a mensche!  The Marshalltown, IA Times Republican tallied all the costs that the town incurred from the candidate visits there, police, fire, crowd control and what not.  The paper noted this:

“Occasionally, a candidate without secret service protection makes a request, but these are not common and are generally minimal,” he said.

“Sen. Sanders was in Jan. 10,” (at the BWRI). Tupper said. “He does not have secret service protection and did request security assistance. The Sanders campaign paid. That is a welcome deviation from the norm.” (emphasis added)

The Sanders 22% victory in NH was pretty complete in the cross tabs too.  He won every demographic except three:

Hillary got a marginal 1 point victory 50% to 49% in the non-white category. Which does not reflect that supposed robust Clinton firewall with non-whites.

Hillary took people with incomes over $200K 53% to 46%. Not exactly something you want to advertise.

Hillary took the 65 and older demographic 55% to 44%. Come on older people. As a wise person once said, there’s a special place in hell for older people who don’t support other older people. At least pick up a check now and then.




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