No Espresso For Me, Thanks!

Renato Bialetti is dead and was cremated and interred in an urn modeled after his famous coffee maker. I have one of those. I may never use it again.

Italy Bialetti Moka Funeral

In this photo made available Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016, father Pietro Segato, the parish priest of Casale Corte Cerro, stands in front of a Moka pot containing the ashes of Renato Bialetti, during his burial service in the cemetery of Omegna, Northern Italy, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016. Renato Bialetti had expressed his wish to be cremated and then buried in the Moka his father Alfonso invented in 1933. Although he was not the inventor, Renato was responsible for the extensive marketing campaign that made the Moka an icon of Italian design, exposed in museums such as the Museum Of Modern Art and many others all over the world. (AP Photo/Elisa Sola)


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