Damaged Goods Endorses Oompa Lumpa

Despite all of the rancor and “honesty” that Damaged Goods Christie spewed at the Donald when Christie was “running” for the Republican nomination, he has found the conscience bypass he received has proven surpassingly more successful than his apparently failed gastric one, in order to endorse Trump.  Which endorsement laughably pissed off NJ county GOP heads.

To answer the question of what overly ambitious angle Chris and Mary Pat Christie have been machinating towards over copious servings of veal parmigiana since leaving the trail, we present this small vignette from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”:

Chris: Mary Pat, I could be Attorney General. I know how.

Mary Pat: Of course you could.  Mangia, mangia my Prince Charming.

Chris:  Shut up, prostitution whore! (flips table)

To answer the question, should Damaged Goods travel out of state to support Trump?



What Chris Christie Said About Trump BEFORE the Endorsement

“I tell everybody who goes to a Donald Trump event, if you get to ask a question, just ask him ‘how?'” Christie said. “I don’t care which of the things he talks about just ask him, ‘How? How?'”

I suppose Trump told Christie how and satisfied his curiosity.

There is no level of dishonesty and disingenuousness that Republicans will not stoop to. Christie has no options left in NJ, will never be elected to anything ever again. So I guess he’s figured his only hope for advancement lies in some Washington appointment from an imaginary Trump administration. After all, Damaged Goods was an unknown and undistinguished lawyer and ex-Freeholder and failed General Assembly candidate scraping the bottom of the anonymity barrel until his unlikely appointment to the U.S. Attorney’s Office by George W. “C+” Bush, after raising shitloads of money for said electoral loser handed the presidency by Scalia and Company. This against all odds story is why I previously referred to Chris Christie as “the Luckiest Man in America” before he earned the moniker “Damaged Goods”.

It will be delicious when, like Mitt before him, Trump denies Christie a place on his ticket because Damaged Goods is all about himself, and you can’t have two angry, mean, nasty, rude, NY area people on the ticket – who are all about themselves.

But you know, you can be an angry, mean, nasty, rude, NY area person and get a cabinet spot.  I’ll bet Damaged Goods is angling for Attorney General so he can be a right wing hero for prosecuting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for being Democrats, which would be a crime under a Trump admin. with a GOP Senate and Congress.

May they never get over their delusions and science develop a vaccine to resist said delusions.  Oh yeah, they did:  stupid killing education!!


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