It Takes a Village (idiot) to Beat Trump

The working theory in the GOP now is, nobody get out, it’s a team effort: Team Anti-Trump can thwart him from getting the requisite delegates to nail down the nomination. Especially with most of upcoming primaries being closed to just Republican participation. Trump has lost 80% of the closed primaries so far. If it’s just Republicans in the pot, the other kids can actually win.

Kasich can deny him Ohio.

Rubio can deny him Florida. (Can he?)

Cruz can win ruby red states with closed primaries.

So Team Anti-Trump can survive to the convention and then anything can happen.

That is if they don’t all knock each other off in state after state, splitting the anti-Trump vote and handing it all to him on a silver gold (natch!) platter.

So, okay, um… we’ll see how that works out.

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