Could Just Stop Paying Attention Now

Hell, even a couple of weeks ago, if you had just stopped covering the oh so important, vital and yuuuuge 2016 election and came back to it when the conventions start, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE MISSED A THING.

The media and the makers of conventional wisdom keep creating these scenarios in order to keep people’s attention and pretending that it’s all so very interesting and it all matters.

Remember when Team Anti-Trump was going to stop him by Rubio winning Florida. That was never going to happen.  It didn’t.  And now Rubio is gone.  Oddly enough he has more delegates than Kasich who is still in, but that’s the next delusion.

Team Anti-Trump is not going to keep him from getting the delegates he needs. You can go take a 4 month nap and wake up in time for Chicago 1968 to happen in Cleveland 2016 if they fuck with Trump and his nutty* followers.

* I have no problem denigrating people who think that Donald Trump is someone who deserves even the remotest consideration as a public official, ANY office, no less POTUS. We are living in crazy times, pass the drugs!

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