And Furthermore, Mississippi the Worst State

Mississippi has just about always been the worst state, since it became a state, a list of horrors that ranges from its stupid spelling to having just ratified the 13th amendment  in 2013.  I mean what more do you need?  But there’s more!

Blood red Mississippi loves its guns too.  No surprise.  In fact, they love their guns just slightly more than they love their Jesus, as evidenced by the Mississippi Church Protection Act, which allows guns in church.  But because it’s Mississippi, it goes farther than just allowing permitted gun owners to bring them to their place of worship, oh no.

Notably, it also goes beyond church security and would allow people to carry guns in holsters without a state concealed weapons permit, a feature that drew opponents’ criticism. That would expand on last year’s state law allowing people to carry guns in purses or briefcases without a permit.

The measure also asserts that no state official can enforce any federal executive order or administrative rule that violates the constitutions of Mississippi or the nation, challenging the principle that federal law overrides state law.

So you can have no permit or training and go out to the Make ’em Squeal Gun Emporium and buy a pistol and wear it into church.

As per usual, the more sensible law enforcement organizations find fault with this but tish tosh, who listens to law enforcement about protection issues?

The section of the bill to lower requirements for concealed-carry permits drew opposition from the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police. Executive Director Ken Winter said that provision would make it harder to stop people who appear to be engaged in wrongdoing. He also said the bill could raise the “threat level” to officers.

“We just don’t believe that it’s a good idea for people to be carrying concealed weapons and not have participated in any training,” Winter said.

The art of Southern understatement lives. Southerners, not so much.


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