When You Step in Shit You Can’t Walk it Back

The Trumpster fire keeps stepping in it because he’s not an actual politician/public servant and refuses to take advice from such individuals.

The entire bruhaha over his overly aggressive thug of a campaign manager would have been avoided by any other campaign, EVER, by condemning his actions, suspending him and letting it die down. But He, Trump can’t do that. He doubles down where others flee. But he’s so much smarter than all of us so no doubt he knows what he’s doing.

Then he walks into the buzz saw of the abortion issue.  He said what is always left unsaid or disingenuously denied: that if you consider abortion murder and make it illegal then you have to punish the mother.  But almost every other politician, again, EVER, was smart enough to not admit that. Give him credit for honesty in the face of Chris Matthews’s brow beating (he really is the only person who can interview Trump and not get completely run over). Only later did he “walk it back”, but that crap is all over your shoes forever. The ad is already being prepared by the Clinton camp, Emily’s List, NARAL, etc.

Just for the record, no matter what any anti-choicer says to seem human, of course the woman would have to be punished. In Indiana, they just dropped the mask when they made abortion illegal and now a woman who had an illegal abortion was sentenced to a 20 year jail term having been convicted of “feticide” .  (The woman claimed a miscarriage and one can almost hope that it’s a lie because to think that you could have a miscarriage and the system can then convict you for murder is unbearable. Any way you look at it it’s unbearable though.)  In any situation, anywhere, if someone pays someone to commit murder, they too go to jail.  So stop the pretense and admit that under any legislative body that made abortion illegal the woman would be prosecuted as well as the doctor.

Yes, it makes you look heartless to admit it.  Own it!

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