Kansas, Again (Facepalm)

Kansas, the Classic Coke of states, is looking to dismantle the remaining bastion of sanity in the state so that it can just float out into the crazysphere.

Outraged by Kansas Justices’ Rulings, G.O.P. Seeks to Reshape Court

Well, of course, because conservatism never fails, it’s always just not conservative enough. So as the state circles the drain, the answer is to flush harder. Like Paul Krugman says “conservative ideology predicts disaster from any attempt to tax the rich, help the less fortunate and rein in the excesses of the market; and what are you going to believe, the ideology or your own lying eyes?”

It’s classic conservatism: here we are, we all agree that abortion should be banned, and the death penalty should be enforced, and if the Supreme Court of the state interprets the state constitution such that those actions are unconstitutional, the answer is to impeach the justices for judicial activism.  They’re the ones being political, not the conservative politicians questioning the court’s judicial virility.

In his State of the State address in January, Mr. Brownback said the selection of justices “is controlled by a handful of lawyers” as he repeated his call for an amendment to create “a more democratic selection process.”

My God, the selection of judges is in the hands of lawyers?  We all know that’s a job for plumbers and Piggly Wiggly clerks.  If they can’t impeach the moderates on the court (remember this is Kansas, so these flaming liberals are moderates by every standard) they’ll set it up so they have to run for election and with millions of dollars in ads spent to tar the justices as Isis loving longhair hippies, a new court that reflects the conservative mood of the state will be elected and do what Jesus wants, rather than that Commie judicial activism. (Irony meters explode.)

Election of judges is as ridiculous as a Donald Trump interview.

The funny thing is the justices already face retention elections every six years, unopposed. The electorate just has to confirm that the justice should continue. So naturally these are very low turnout elections and there’s very little attention paid to them so the justices are almost always returned to the court.

Groups that are expected to try to unseat four justices in November have so far been coy about their preparations and fund-raising. “Preliminary things are going on is all I’ll say,” said Mary Kay Culp, the executive director of Kansans for Life, an anti-abortion group.

That state is as doomed as a thought in Sarah Palin’s head.

One thought on “Kansas, Again (Facepalm)

  1. Again and again, we see that Rs taking over state government is a recipe for disaster. All they want is to cut taxes and services and deny civil rights . But Ds don’t get motivated to vote or run quality candidates, finding state issues insufficiently sexy until the right wing passes nutty legislation.

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