Ranking Best Delis in America

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It’s subjective, assholes!!  But that said, I’ve sampled 4 of the 10.  1-3 and 7.  It’s not fancy shmancy but I’ll take Ben’s Best.

10 Best Delis in America

  1. Katz’s – NY, the one in all the TV commercials & half the TV shows, where Meg had the O. One of the survivors from the golden age of NY delis.
  2. Cantor’s – LA, I saw Nick Cage there
  3. Ben’s Best – the smallest on the list, I bet, the real deal in Queens, after a Mets game, what’s not to like?
  4. Wise Son’s Jewish Delicatessen – SF, CA
  5. Zaftig’s – Cambridge, MA
  6. The General Muir – Atlanta
  7. Brent’s Deli- Northridge, CA – Yuuuge sandwiches and pieces of cake. Even by deli standards this place had humongous portions. Flintstonian portions, no kidding.
  8. Kenny & Ziggy’s – Houston
  9. Kenny & Zuke’s – Portland, OR
  10. Manny’s Cafeteria and Delicatessen – Chicago

How many have you enjoyed?



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