When the Anti-PC Police Have a Point

I mean if you can’t call out “corporate Democrat whores” then who can you call out?  Is everything sacred?

Dr. Paul Y. Song was one of the people who introduced Bernie Sanders at his massive Washington Square Park rally last night.  He used this language.

Now Secretary Clinton has said that Medicare for all will never happen.  [boos]  Well, I agree with Secretary Clinton that Medicare for all will never happen if we have a president who never aspires for something grater than the status quo.  [cheers]  Medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate Democratic Whores[cheers] who are beholden to big pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us.

Okay, so you cant’s use the word “whores” now to describe people who take money and sell out their values?  It’s not even the connotation of selling sex here.  Somehow now that word is particularly linked to women, and thus sexist?  Unh, uh.  Whores are whores!  They have no gender. In the context of politics, lobbying and governing “whores” only connotes the moral failing of accepting money, as tantamount to a bribe, to represent monied interests instead of the public’s best interest.

But that’s not the world we live in now.  So Song had to recant.

song Capture

And Bernie had to disavow.

sanders Capture

And even Song’s wife, journalist Lisa Ling, a Hillary supporter had to announce her regret for, for some reason.

Ling Capture

Ling completely got the context right in her apologia, but still felt the need to make sure everyone understands that her husband wasn’t calling Hilary a whore with his “gaffe”.  Because that would be the worst thing that ever happened, ever, if he did.  But he didn’t.

Ya think they had sex last night?  I’m guessing no.

Jeez, people.  Really?  We have lost our collective minds.

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